Commodity Prices for Nasdaq 100
Delayed Futures - 19:08 - Sunday, October 22nd
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Cash (NDY00) 6108.82s +16.20 6114.46 6122.56 6102.16 0 6092.62 10/20/17 Quote | Opinions | Options

Futures Commentary and Analysis

Azeez Mustapha - Inside Futures - Sun Oct 22, 3:26PM CDT

The USD/JPY started making bullish efforts at the beginning of last week, and the efforts were successful. Price gained 170 pips, testing the supply level at 113.50 on Friday. The outlook on the market is bullish for this week, owing to the expected stamina in USD and expec
Gregor Horvat - Inside Futures - Sun Oct 22, 1:03PM CDT

Good Sunday traders! Hope you had a nice weekend, and a pleasant Sunday. Let's take a look at GBPUSD and its long-term look.
Oliver Sloup - Inside Futures - Sun Oct 22, 1:35PM CDT

There were a few bits of new news that came across the wire Friday afternoon that could affect this weeks trade.
Mohammed Isah - Inside Futures - Sun Oct 22, 10:24AM CDT

With the pair seen closing lower the past week, more weakness is envisaged.

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