Futures Market Commentary

Arkadiusz Sieron - Inside Futures - Mon Dec 18, 10:10AM CST

In the November edition of the Market Overview, we briefly discussed a Taylor rule, showing that adopting it would lead to significantly higher interest rates. But how goes that rule really work? We invite you to read our todays article about the details of this rule and find out what would its...
Mike McAra - Inside Futures - Mon Dec 18, 9:52AM CST

We saw Bitcoin decline from the most recent all-time high. Does this mean that the rally is over or that were just seeing a pause? We offer our opinion.
Arkadiusz Sieron - Inside Futures - Mon Dec 18, 9:37AM CST

On Thursday, the European Central Bank released its most recent monetary policy statement. What does it say about the ECBs stance and what does it imply for the gold market?
Alan Bush - Inside Futures - Mon Dec 18, 9:10AM CST

S&P 500, Dow Jones and NASDAQ futures advanced to new historical highs today, boosted by optimism over a Republican tax cut agreement.

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